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Group Accident Only Insurance

Heartland Alliance of America is proud to announce the addition of a new benefit to the membership portfolio. The eligible Members (ages 18-65) will now enjoy $10,000 of Accident Medical Expense (after $500 deductible) Insurance coverage.

This benefit pays in excess of any other insurance coverage you may have for the expenses you are charged by a hospital, doctor, or certain other charge up to a maximum of $10,000 if you a injured in a covered accident. Subject to a $500 deductible, terms, definitions, conditions, exclusions and limitations of the group policy.

Group Accident Only Insurance is underwritten by Guarantee Trust Life Insurance company (GTL), Glenview, IL on plicy form series MP-1300/MP-1400 and certifcate form series GC-1300/GC-1400. Coverage is subject to the terms, definitions, conditions, exclusions, and limitations of the group policy. This product and its features are subject to state availability and varies by state. All members of Heartland Alliance of America Silver Complete Plan are eligible to receive these benefits. For complete details of coverage, please contact us.

The following rates apply for coverage underwritten by Guarantee Trust Life Insurance company as part of your membership in the Heartland Alliance of America. The rates by plan are: Group Accident Only AME $10,000 with $500 deductible, AD&D $10,000: Composit Rate = $11.00 per month.

Group Accident Insurance Exclusions

The Policy does not provide benefits for:

  • Treatment, services or supplies which:
    • Are not Medically Necessary;
    • Are not prescribed by a Doctor as necessary to treat an Injury;
    • Are determined to be Experimental/Investigational in nature;
    • Are received without charge or legal obligation to pay;
    • Are received from persons employed or retained by any Family Member, unless otherwise specified; or
    • Are not specifically listed as Covered Charges in the Policy.
  • Injury by acts of war, whether declared or not.
  • Injury received while traveling or flying by air, except as a fare-paying passenger and not as a pilot or crew member, on a regularly scheduled commercial airline.
  • Injury covered by Worker’s compensation, Employer Liability law or Occupational Disease Act or Law.
  • Dental treatment, except as specifically stated.
  • Injury sustained while committing or attempting to commit a felony.
  • Prescription Drugs except as specifically stated.
  • Suicide or attempted suicide while sane or insane.
  • Intentionally self-inflicted Injury.
  • Loss resulting from being legally intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol as defined by the laws of the state or jurisdiction in which the Injury occurs.
  • Loss resulting from being under the influence of any drugs or narcotic unless administered on the advice of a Doctor.
  • Injury sustained while participating in or practicing for any professional, intercollegiate or sports activity, except as specifically provided.
  • Injury which occurs while a Covered Person is on active duty service in any armed forces. Reserve or National Guard active duty for training is not excluded unless it extends beyond 31 days.
  • Injury sustained flying in an ultra-light, hang gliding, parachuting or bungee-cord jumping, by flight in a space craft or any craft designed for navigation above or beyond the earth’s atmosphere.
  • Injury sustained while driving or riding on vehicles for off-road use including but not limited to all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s).
  • Injury sustained where a Covered Person is the operator and does not possess a current and valid motor vehicle operator’s license, except in a Driver’s Education Program.
  • Treatment in any Veteran’s Administration or federal Hospital, except if there is a legal obligation to pay.
  • Cosmetic surgery, except for reconstructive surgery on an injured part of the body.
  • Covered Charges incurred outside of the United States or its possessions
  • competing in motor sports races or competitions;
  • competing in water sports races or competitions;
  • Testing cars/trucks on any racetrack or speedway;
  • Handling, storing or transporting explosives;
  • Scaling up cliffs or mountain walls;
  • Spelunking (exploring caves);
  • Handling or working with dangerous animals.
  • Injury sustained while water skiing or surfboarding;
  • Injury sustained while snow skiing or snowboarding;
  • Injury sustained while roller blading or skateboarding;
  • Injury sustained while participating in a rodeo.
  • Reinjury or complications of an Injury caused or contributed to by a condition that existed before the Accident.
  • Repetitive motion injuries, strains, hernia, tendonitis, bursitis and heat exhaustion not related to a specific Injury.

General Disclosures

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance company and Heartland Alliance of America, Coverdell, Careington International Corporation and Arthur J. Gallagher are separate legal entities and have sole financial responsibility for their own products. Or in some cases: Guarantee Trust Life Insurance company and Heartland Alliance of America, Coverdell, Careington International Corporation and Arthur J. Gallagher are separate legal entities.

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance company (GTL) provides the Group Accident Only insurance. GTL does not provide nor is affiliated with the discount programs provided as a part of membership in Heartland Alliance of America.

Exclusions and limitations may vary by state. For complete details of coverage, please refer to the certificate.

You have the option of downloading your certificate electronically. If you choose to do so, you are consenting to accept electronic delivery of your certificate. You also have the right at any time to receive a hard copy of your certificate. If you choose this option, please call 1-(833) 469-4228.